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“Livin’ the Disney dream”
Sun.Star Davao, April 2, 2016

“I’m sure everyone’s thinking that it must be so great to be able to enter Disneyland every day. Well, let me tell you this, you are right. It is!”, gladly confirms 23-year old Ana Isabela Mempin or Belay.

For over a year now, Belay has been living her Disney dream as one of Hong Kong Disneyland’s energetic parade dancers tirelessly performing different roles in front of thousands of eager spectators.

The young Dabawenya’s fascination to work for Disneyland started a few years ago while she and her family were on vacation in Disneyland California.

At 14, Belay vividly remembers watching the Disney parade dancers with starry eyes. When she and her family went back six years later, Belay boldly declared to her mom Joy, “Ma, I’m going to be one of those dancers someday!”.

And, somehow, the universe made her ardent wish happen.

That thing called ‘tadhana’
“One day, I was just browsing online and stumbled upon the Hong Kong Disneyland job opening announcement. Some call it an accident, I call it fate”, says Belay.

Describing the screening and audition process as “nerve-wracking”, Belay recalls that there were so many talented applicants in their batch. “I was almost disheartened. But, I passed the first screening and the rest is history”, states the Ateneo de Davao University Major in Entrepreneurship graduate.

Belay’s love affair with dance began when she was four years old. As a child, her doting parents, Joey and Joy, enrolled her for summer ballet classes at Locsin’s Dance Workshop and Royeca Ballet and Performing Arts School. Meanwhile, in high school, Belay took hip hop summer classes at LCB Performing Arts Center and joined the Ateneo Dance Club until college.

When she was 16, Belay was awarded a scholarship at LCB where she was able to strengthen her foundation in several disciplines, particularly: ballet, jazz, hip hop, belly and contemporary.

“Unfortunately, after four years, I had to give up my scholarship because the schedules were in conflict with my full time job at our family business. However, the passion for the craft was burning in me, and I just had to find an outlet to keep it alive”, intimates Belay.

So, the avid dancer enrolled for two classes at LCB, became a licensed zumba instructor and taught belly dancing and pole burlesque at Trimlab.

“How I was able to juggle all of that and keep up with my day job, with my father as my boss, I may add, is still a mystery to me!”, chuckles Belay.

New roles

“The life of a Disney parade dancer is kind of like that of a cast member in a musical. We come in, warm up, do our makeup, perform, rest, and prep again for our evening parade. It's just like the day of any performer, except more magical”, describes Belay enthusiastically.

Belay reveals that various roles are assigned to the parade dancers. They are then trained for a few days depending on the difficulty of the role.

But, being a Disney parade dancer is not the only new role that Belay is playing in Hong Kong. For the first time ever, she is also experiencing life as an overseas Filipino worker (OFW).

“This is my first time to live away from home. Growing up, we were blessed to have all basic needs readily available and I think everyone would agree with me that one of the biggest struggles when living away from home, especially in a different country, is to have to do everything for yourself. No one else is there to pick up your dirty clothes from the floor, or wash your dishes, or make your bed, or nag you to do all of that!”, laughs Belay.

Paying the bills was also one of the biggest reality checks. Thankfully, despite their comfortable social status, Belay’s parents always made it a point to instill in them the value of saving. So, budgeting was not that much of a struggle.

“Actually I was so frugal during my first few months that I turned down every invite from colleagues to go out for dinner or some drinks”, reminisces Belay.

Biggest reward

“The biggest reward for me as a performer, and I speak for all performers, is the smiles we see while we are out there”, expresses Belay.

“What I think is even more heartwarming is when I see my fellow Filipinos cheering us on. When we hear them scream "kababayan!", we sometimes can't help but tear up. It's like a little taste of home”, she continues.

Belay considers seeing all the families and missing her own as the most challenging part of working overseas. “Being the second child in a brood of five and having two of the kindest and coolest parents, I miss going home to them. I miss being part of my siblings' milestones. I also miss having a car. I miss my yayas!”, divulges Belay.

“That's why, when you do get the chance to watch fellow Filipinos perform overseas, don't forget to show your support. It's far greater than all the riches in the world!”, Belay points out.

The brilliant performer’s advice for aspiring Disney dancers is an inspiring quote from no other than the founder, Walt Disney, himself, "All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them."

“And most importantly,...whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” (1 Corinthians 10:31)”, the bubbly Belay concludes. 

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Saturday, March 19, 2016

“Up close and personal with the King Archer”
Sun.Star Davao, March 19, 2016


I read this hashtag on the Instagram post of Jeron Teng the day our alumni association was scheduled to host dinner for him and the De La Salle University (DLSU) Green Archers Basketball Team in Davao.

Jeron’s love for durian was even further validated when I received a text message from Gerry Achacoso, a DLSU alumnus involved in the school’s sports program, “Ma’am, Jeron has a special request for tonight. Durian lover pala siya. Perhaps, that’s the Dabawenyo in him”.

For the unfamiliar with the country’s collegiate basketball scene, Jeron Alvin Teng, the small forward for the De La Salle Green Archers, is the youngest son of Davao native and Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) sensation Alvin Teng (nicknamed Robocop) who once played for San Miguel, Pepsi, Sunkist, Alaska, among others.

Alvin and his wife are blessed with four children, namely: Alyssa, Almira, Jeric (a former University of Sto. Tomas Growling Tigers basketball player now with Rain or Shine Elasto Painters) and the youngest, Jeron, DLSU’s King Archer.

In 2013, the Teng brothers made headlines when their respective teams closely played against each other during the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) Season 76 Men’s Basketball Championship Games. Jeron impressively led the Green Archers in winning in the finals and was awarded as the Most Valuable Player.

Recently, the soon-to-be 22-year old Jeron added another feather to his cap by being voted as the Favorite Asian Sports Star at the prestigious Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 2016, beating Malaysian diver Pandelela Rinong, Indonesian footballer Kim Kurniawan, and Singaporean footballer Irfan Fandi.

What makes Jeron so endearing to his legion of fans? My one-on-one interview with him gave me a glimpse of why he is such a darling. Well-mannered, charming and unaffected by fame, he would ask personal questions about my family and I after the interview. He even obliged the alumni and their kids to countless photo ops and video greetings, without showing any hesitation even after a tiring afternoon of playing at the Araw ng Davao Basketball Tournament at the Almendras Gym.

With 390,000 Instagram followers and still counting, it is no wonder that the sharpshooting King Archer has bulls-eyed the hearts of many!


How does it feel to win as the Favorite Asian Sports Star at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 2016?

Well, it was really a big honor. It’s an international award. In the Philippines, I was the only Filipino who was nominated under the Favorite Asian Sports Star category. I feel blessed to have won the award. I’m really thankful to those people who voted for me. And, knowing the other nominees, I feel so honored because they were big stars and professional players from Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

*Were you always interested in basketball as a kid? How did your father influence you in the sport?

Well, I started joining the varsity team when I was in Grade 3 at Xavier School. Growing up, I would watch my dad’s games. That really influenced me to really pursue basketball. At the start, it was just a hobby for me. While at it and the longer I played, I felt it was becoming a part of me.

*You started playing basketball at Xavier School and now DLSU, what is a typical day for a student-athlete like you?

With our new coach right now, we practice in the morning. We wake up at around 5:00 a.m. because we would practice from 5:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. And, after, we still have to go to class in the afternoon. Then after the afternoon classes, it’s our time to rest and do additional school stuff. We sleep early at around 9:30 p.m. or before 10:00 p.m. Because, the next day, we have another practice.

*How do you manage your time in school, basketball and social life?

I just have to know my priorities. With the tight schedule of a student-athlete, the time for me to go out with my friends is restricted. I still see them though but I know my priorities. I know I have to do well in school for me to get to play at the UAAP. Basketball really requires many sacrifices.

*How did basketball shape you and your values?

When playing a sport, you really need to have discipline. Discipline with your sleep and the food you eat. Perseverance and practice as well as playing well with others. You really learn a lot from basketball.

      *You mentioned in a video interview that you hoped that the Nickelodeon award will inspire other kids to be a student-athlete like you. What programs do you support for kids?

From time to time, I meet up with kids, sometimes with less fortunate kids. Actually, that’s my plan, it’s almost my birthday on March 21 and I’m planning to celebrate it with my brother Jeric with some kids. Probably, we will play basketball and bond with them.

*Your father has roots in Davao. Do you still have relatives here? Do you still get in touch with them?

I have a lot of relatives here. Most of my dad’s side are from Davao. I rarely see them though because it’s usually my dad who comes here. I still get in touch with them whenever they are in Manila. They would visit our house.

*Growing up in the Teng household, did you have any Davao influence at home?

My dad was born in Davao and he speaks Bisaya but my mom is from Gumaca, Quezon so she speaks Tagalog. When it comes to food, I grew up eating durian. My dad lets me eat it. Even until now, my favorite fruit is durian. I also eat kinilaw. I got a lot of influences from my dad which I didn’t realize were Dabawenyo.

*How was it like playing against your brother Jeric and his team during the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) Season 76 Men’s Basketball Finals? And, how did you feel when you won against UST/Jeric?

My brother Jeric and I are very close. We share one room. When we were young, it was our dream to play against each other in the finals for the UAAP. When DLSU won the championship, I didn’t know if I would celebrate or mourn for my brother. I know it was my brother’s last year playing for the UAAP, and I kind of felt bad for him. I actually cried in front of him when I tried to console him. I had mixed emotions. We are both competitive. It was really awkward. But, at the end of the day, we are still brothers.

 *What is your impression of Davao and the people?

I’ve been to Davao a lot of times as a kid. When my grandparents were still alive, we would often visit them. My impression is that the people of Davao are very nice and welcoming. I think it’s the safest city in the whole Philippines!

      *I heard that this is your final year to play for the Green Archers, what are your plans after playing for the UAAP?

I’m almost graduating and I hope after my playing years with La Salle, I can reach the PBA. Siyempre, it’s my dream also to play as a pro.

*Aside from being successful in basketball, what are your other dreams/goals in life?

I know basketball won’t be there forever so I’m taking up business management. In the future, I hope to come up with my own business.

*Being a role model for the youth is such a huge responsibility. What do you do to live up to this   important role?

                   I have to be extra careful, especially with my social media accounts. I know that some of the kids might be able to read my posts. I try to be responsible. But, I just do what I do because I love what I’m doing. I just want to share my passion for basketball with others.

*What or who keeps you grounded?

Ever since, my parents have taught me to stay grounded. Because if you become too proud, God can take the blessings away from you. My parents remind us to be happy with all the blessings we have been receiving.

 *Any message for Davao fans?

I want to thank our Davao fans for giving the La Salle team a warm welcome. I’m just happy every time I come here. People are so nice. Maraming durian. That’s my favorite. And, we are really excited to hit the beach after our games!

Some photos are courtesy of Jeron’s Instagram account and Nickelodeon.

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THIS JUST IN! (3.24.16)

“Be better this summer!”: The 2016 Kiddie Summer Workshops of Davao City
Sun.Star Davao, March 12, 2016

In-between work, driving my kids to different venues for their summer classes has been a tradition for the past years.

Many of my parent-friends agree that they are actually busier during summer than during regular school classes because of these various activities.

But, seeing the satisfied faces of our children after their fun summer classes make the stress well worth it! The enhanced skills and talents, new friends, and sense of accomplishment are priceless.

I hope that, through the years, I have helped you become informed on how to make your kids better at any talent or skill during summer and beyond.

I present to you the 2016 Kiddie Summer Workshops of Davao City!


WHAT: International Art Program
SUMMER PROMO 1: Refer 1 friend (must enroll together) get 1 free lesson each
SUMMER PROMO 2: 8 hours + 1 free hour lesson
COURSES: Oil Pastel, Acrylic Painting, Glass Panting, Poster Color Painting, Watercolor Painting, Clay Sculpture, Cartoon and Comic and Sketching
SCHEDULE: March 28-April 02; April 04-09; April 11-16; April 18-23; April 25-30; May 02-07; May 09-14; May 16-21; May 23-28, 2016
TIME: Morning 9:00-10:30am; 10:30-12:00am; Afternoon 1:00-2:30pm; 2:30-4:00pm; 4:00-5:30 pm (Monday to Saturday straight)
FEE: Available upon request
Also available all year round international art program
CONTACT: GLOBALART DAVAO, 301 E Palma Gil St. Bo. Obrero (near Gaisano Mall / along Alladdin Lamps). Tel. 2219980 or 3009980; Cell. nos. 09234814333 or 09424620002


WHAT: Summer Art Class
MEDIUM: Pencil and pastels on paper; Acrylic on canvas
LESSONS: Still life, Landscape, Composition, Anime, Human Figure (Advanced Students)
SCHEDULE: Starts April 11, 2016 (10 sessions); MWF; 2-4pm with exhibit after 10 sessions
FEE: Available upon request
VENUE: Tulip Drive, Matina, Davao City
CONTACT: MEAN TAN GUINOO, Tel. 2858818; Cell no. (0917)3220320
*Note: Teacher Mean will be integrating a few elements of design class with baking for her younger students. There will be a one-day session for field trip or cafe experience, depending on the age of the students. Whoever is interested has to text or call her right after the Holy Week because class is limited to 10 students only.

WHAT: Art Kamp 2016. Painting in Acrylic Basix and Beyond. Form. Line. Color. Space. Texture. Imagination
SCHEDULE: April 6-9 2016, 830am-11am
FEE: Available upon request
VENUE: Casa Munda, Juna Subd., Matina, D.C.
CONTACT: DADAI JOAQUIN, Cellphone no. (0923)3280100

WHAT: Kiddie Fun Arts for 4-12 yrs. old. Kids begin developing their artistic abilities at an early age. Making arts encourage children to use their imagination. Kiddie fun arts are both enjoyable to make and can be a perfect gift for loved ones and friends.
SCHEDULE: April 4-15, 2016; 10 sessions (M-F, 1030am-1130am)
FEE: P3,000 inclusive of materials
CONTACT: TENDER YEARS, #7 Gemini St., Dona Vicenta Vill., D.C./Tel. 2244884


COURSE: Fashion Institute of Design and Arts’ (FIDA) Summer Offerings
Sewing Camp for Kids  (Basic, Intermediate  & Advanced Level)
Arts & Crafts for Kids (Choose from 30 Fun Crafty Projects)
Brush Lettering for Kids
Polymer Clay Workshop
Artistic Painting for Kids
Fabric Doll Making for Kids
Stuff Toy Making for Kids
Basic Cross Stitch for Kids
Basic Knitting (8–12 yrs.old)
TEENS & ADULT WORKSHOPS: Sewing Camp For Teens
SCHEDULES AND FEES: Available upon request
CONTACT:  FASHION INSTITUTE OF DESIGN AND ARTS (FIDA), Patio Valencia Compound, Jacinto Ext., D.C./Tel. 2853404/(0922)8119696



WHAT: Artistic Fun Summer 2016
COURSE: Music Lessons (One-on-One Teaching: Piano, Keyboard, Voice, Violin, Drums, Acoustic/Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Flute, Clarinet and Saxophone)
FEE: Available upon request
OTHER COURSES:  Drawing and Painting Workshop/Hip hop
FEE: Available upon request
*Note: Free two additional sessions (in music lessons only) when you register/enroll on or before March 30, 2016
CONTACT: JHINE’S MUSIC AND ART CENTER PHILS., Unit 2, Pelayo Bldg., Camus Ext., D.C./Tel. 3008081/09176487788


WHAT: LEAD (Leading-Edge Creative Events and Service) Summer Workshop 2016
COURSE: Guitar Lesson for Kids and Teens
SCHEDULE: Starts April 11, 2016; TThS. Combined class 230-330pm
WORKSHOP FEE: P3,800 includes workshop T-shirt, workshop certificate and summer production show
COURSE: Keyboard Lesson for Kids and Teens
SCHEDULE: Starts April 11, 2016; TThS. Individual class 330pm-430pm
WORKSHOP FEE: P4,000 includes workshop T-shirt, workshop certificate and summer production show
COURSE: VocaLEdge or Singing Workshop
SCHEDULE: Starts April 4, 2016; MWF, Beginners: 1-2pm; Intermediate: 2-3pm, Advanced: 330pm (open class)
WORKSHOP FEE: P3,800 includes workshop T-shirt, workshop certificate and summer production show
COURSE: Feature Writing Workshop
SCHEDULE: Starts April 12, 2016; TThS, Combined class: 1030am-12nn
WORKSHOP FEE: P3,800 includes press shirt, set meal for coffee shop round table conference with VIP guests, certificate and summer production show
COURSE: Communication Empowerment with Stage Hosting
SCHEDULE: Starts April 11, 2016; MWF, Kids: 930-1030am; Teens: 1030-1130am
WORKSHOP FEE: P3,500 (Kids); P3,800 (Teens) includes workshop shirt, workshop certificate and summer production show
COURSE: Fashion Modelling open for kids, teens, boys and girls (plus special participation of mothers on the ramp)
SCHEDULE: Starts April 12, 2016; TThS, Kids: 930-1030am; Teens: 1-2pm
WORKSHOP FEE: P3,800 includes Ledge workshop shirt, customized designer’s collection wear, photo shoot (2 copies), certificate and summer production show
PRODUCTION FEE: P2,000 (kids) and P2,500 (teens)
COURSE: Ledge Hip hop Dance Class
SCHEDULE: Starts April 11, 2016; MWF, Kids: 930-1030am; Teens: 1030am-1130am
FEE: Available upon request
OTHER SPECIAL COURSES: Adult Ballet, Stiletto Dance Workout
SCHEDULE AND FEE: Available upon request
CONTACT: LEDGE CREATIVE STUDIO, Valencia Corporate Center, Jacinto Ext. cor. Arellano St., D.C.; Tel. 2274228; Cel. nos. (0995)1625820; (0929) 7434556. Email: FB page: Ledge Royeca


WHAT: Various Summer Programs for Kids: The Colors of Summer. Classes start April 18, 2016
Smartcubs (6 mos. to walking)
Playphonics (Walking to 2's)
Toddler's Exploration (1 to 3 y.o.)
Reading Breeze (3 to 7 y.o.)
Funtastic Math (3 to 7 y.o.)
Arts and Crafts
SCHEDULE AND FEE: Available upon request. Packages available.
CONTACT: STOCKBRIDGE AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL (formerly TUMBLE TOTS), Araullo-Mabini Sts., D.C./Tel.(082)2251847 or 09222501494 (Davao); (083) 3010111 / 0923 – 6595469; E-mail:


WHAT:  Music Theatre:  A program integrating one-on-one voice lessons, group voice classes and theatre workshops for both grade school and high school students. Starts 2nd week of April 2016.
SCHEDULE: 18 sessions
WHAT:  Musikids for kids ages 2.5-5 yrs. old
SCHEDULE: 12 sessions 2x a week (Mon.-Thurs.)
WHAT:  Private Voice:  Go one-on-one with a vocal coach for an intensive and more focused training
SCHEDULE: 12 sessions
WHAT:  Private Piano, Guitar and Violin:  Go one-on-one with a piano, guitar or violin instructor.
SCHEDULE: 12 sessions
WHAT: Group Voice and Group Guitar for Beginners
SCHEDULE: 12 sessions
FEE: Available upon request
CONTACT: MUSIKADEMY, 209 McArthur's POD, McArthur Highway, Matina, Davao City/Tel.297-4542 


WHAT: Spotlight Personality Empowerment Workshops for ages 11 and above
Includes Leadership, Public Speaking, Acting, Fashion and Makeup
SCHEDULE: April 12-May 14, 2016/TTh, 1-5pm
FEE: P6,500
WHAT: STARTer Workshop for 6-10 years old
Includes Acting, Modeling, Public Speaking and Dancing
SCHEDULE: April 12-May 14, 2016/TTh, 9am-12nn
FEE: P4,500
VENUE: LOUNGE ONE STUDIO, North Zen Hotel, Lapu-Lapu cor. Sobrecarey Sts., D.C.
CONTACT: JO-ANN FANDINO, (0922)8384981. For more details,



COURSE: Various Summer Programs for Kids, Teens and Adults
- Teens Poise, Personality Development and Modeling (8 years old and above)
- Powerful Speech for Elementary, High School, College and Professionals
- Theater Arts (acting, singing and dancing)
SCHEDULE: Starts April 11, 2016
FEE: Available upon request
CONTACT: JOJI ILAGAN CAREER CENTER FOUNDATION, INC. , Gov. Chavez Street; Tel: 2275602; 0917 577 7336;



COURSE: Summer Cooking and Baking Workshop for Kids & Teens
SCHEDULE: April 25 and 26, 2016 (Mon. and Tues.) 8:00am - 12:00noon
FEE: P2,300.00 inclusive of all ingredients, use of tools and equipment, and certificate CONTACT: GOURMET BITES, Ilustre St. (Across Limso Hospital), D.C. Call 2957178 or text 09088933498


COURSE: Culinary Summer Program for Kids, Teens and Adults. Classes start on April 11, 2016
WHAT: Young Executive Chef
*Learn the Basic Cooking and Baking Techniques with actual preparation of quick and easy dishes from soups to the desserts of the world together with the masters of ICHEF, Chefs Rene Custodio, Clinton Gregorio and Jumil Dela Torre. Plus special sessions on basic fine dining service, the art of table set-up and arrangement, and fine dining etiquette.
SCHEDULE: 12 sessions; 1-5pm; MWF
WHAT: Junior Chef De Patisserie with Chef Clinton Gregorio
*Indulge your sweet tooth with a Basic Pastry and Baker’s Course
SCHEDULE: 10 sessions; 8-12nn; MWF
WHAT: Junior Chef De Cuisine with Chefs Rene Custodio and Jumil Dela Torre
*International cuisine includes Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Italian and American
SCHEDULE: 6 sessions; 9am-12nn; Mon.-Sat.
FEE: Available upon request
WHAT: Basic Pastry
SCHEDULE: 8 sessions; 9am-12nn; every Saturday;
WHAT: Basic Culinary
SCHEDULE: 8 sessions; 9am-12nn; every Saturday
FEE: Available upon request


WHAT: Basic Baking for 4-12 yrs. old. If your child needs a boost of self-confidence, (and who doesn’t) baking will do just that. They are accomplishing a task, learning something important and contributing to the family. Teaching kids to bake will help instill skills to last them a lifetime. All of their baking activities are kid-tested, doable and fun. They just need: a dash of time, a pinch of originality, and a cup of enthusiasm.
SCHEDULE: April 18-29, 2016; 10 sessions (M-F, 1030am-1130am)
FEE: P3,000 inclusive of materials and cookbook
CONTACT: TENDER YEARS, #7 Gemini St., Dona Vicenta Vill., D.C./Tel. 2244884



WHAT: I-Sayaw’s 2nd Summer Dance Workshop offers Ballet, Tap and Hip-Hop
SCHEDULE: Starts on April 4, 2016. Culminating activity is on May 22, 2016 at SM City Davao Atrium Annex
THEME: Disney Classics to Classics
COURSE: Ballet class for 3 yrs. old, teens and adults. Beginner 1 and 2 for toddlers; Beginner Teens; Intermediate; Advanced Levels and Fitness Ballet
SCHEDULE: (Ballet) New ballet students MWF; Beginner: 9:30-10:30am; Beginner Teens: 10:30am-12:00 noon; with ballet training: TThS; Beginner 2: 4:00-5:00pm; Intermediate: 5:00-6:30pm; Advanced: 6:30-8:00pm
COURSE: Tap open to Beginners 1 and 2. Students will be assessed during the first week of classes
SCHEDULE: (Tap) MWF-1:30-2:30pm and 2:30-3:30pm
COURSE: Hip hop open to all levels. Student will be assessed during first week of classes
SCHEDULE: (Hip hop) MWF, 3:30-4:30pm and 4:30-5:30pm
FEE: Available upon request. Combo packages available
NOTE: Students will be assessed for class assignments
VENUE: I-SAYAW DANCE CENTER, Unit 207 McPod Bldg. (Beside Ateneo High School, fronting MTS), McArthur Highway, D.C.


WHAT:  Summer Urban Dance Workshop for kids 6 yrs. old and below with Bryan Grandeza and Groove Unlimited Dance Community choreographers
SCHEDULEStarts April 6, 2016. Mon-Thurs., 9am-10am
FEE: Available upon request
VENUE: ANGELS AT WORK, N. Torres cor. Vinzon Sts., Bo. Obrero, D.C./Tel. 2250208


WHAT:  Summer Urban Dance Workshop for 7-12 yrs. old and Teens with Bryan Grandeza and Groove Unlimited Dance Community choreographers
SCHEDULEStarts April 5, 2016 (Studio 51); April 4 (Holiday Gym and Spa)
FEE: Available upon request
VENUES: STUDIO 51, Artiaga St., D.C. (Ground floor, Moo Duk Kwan Gym). Tel. 2210753 or (0922)7551305 or HOLIDAY GYM AND SPA, F. Torres St., DC/Tel. 2223041/2223594; (0929)7560559


WHAT:  LCB Summer Dance Workshop 2016 with culminating recital on May 15, 2016 (3pm & 7pm)
SCHEDULE: April 1-May 15, 2016
COURSES OFFERED: For kids and teens-ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, acting and voice; For adults-belly dancing, advanced and beginners’ jazz, advanced and beginner’s tap
FEES: P5,000 for dance, acting and voice. No recital fee but students are given allocation of 20 tickets each for matinee and gala recital show (considered sold) worth P3,000.
ALSO OFFERS: Tang Soo Doo-Karate (7 yrs. old & above), P3,500; Kickboxing P1,500 (new members)/P1,200 (old members), Body Conditioning and Brazilian Jujitsu (8 yrs. old & above), P800 (old members)/P1,000 (new members)
FEE: P4,000 for the summer
CONTACT: LCB PERFORMING ARTS CENTER FOUNDATION, INC.,    48 Villamor St., Bo. Obrero,  D.C./Tel.2225205


WHAT:  Royeca School of Ballet Summer Dance Showcase; open for ages 3 yrs. and above for Nursery, Primary, Beginners 1, 2, 3 and 4, Intermediate and Advanced Class
DATE: April 1 - May 10, 2016 with Recital Day (Venue to be announced)
SCHEDULE: MWF (Time available upon request)
RECITAL FEE: P3,800 (inclusive of costume and 7 complimentary tickets)
Also offers Adult Ballet, Hip hop, Taekwondo and Aikido. Schedules available upon request
CONTACT:  ROYECA SCHOOL OF BALLET, Valencia Compound (beside Central Bank), Jacinto Ext., Arellano, D.C./Tel. No. 227-4228


WHAT:  Ballet class under the tutelage of Irma Bringas-Aguado following the principles of Royal Academy of Dance-London
DATE: April 7-May 28, 2016
SCHEDULE: Available upon request
FEE: Classical ballet, P5,000 (2x a week; 16 classes); Modern Ballet, P2,000 once a week, 8 classes
CONTACTHOLIDAY GYM AND SPA, F. Torres St., DC/Tel. 2223041; Irma Aguado, Tel. 3056342 and cell. No. (0917)7189488



WHAT: Basic Computer Courses for Kids and Teachers
COURSE: CYBER WIZARD (Programming HTML & CSS) for 24 hours
FEE: P5,200 (course fee and registration)
COURSE: MULTIMEDIA WIZARD I (Photoshop & Proshow) for 20 hours
FEE: P5,200 (course fee and registration)
COURSE: MULTIMEDIA WIZARD II (Photoshop & Video Editing) for 20 hrs.
FEE: P5,200 (course fee and registration)
COURSE: ANIMATION WIZARD (Swishmax) for 20 hrs.
FEE: P5,200 (course fee and registration)
COURSE: GRAPHICS WIZARD (Photoshop & Illustrator) for 20 hrs.
FEE: P5,200 (course fee and registration)
COURSE: MS APPs WIZARD (Windows/Word/Excel/Powerpoint/Internet) for 20 hrs.
FEE: P5,200 (course fee and registration)
CONTACT: DELTYX TECHNOLOGIES INC. (former franchisee of GENETIC COMPUTER INSTITUTE, Rm.208, Montelibano Bldg., Anda St., D.C. (Beside Davao Central High School), Tel. 2244643; 3214427.


WHAT: Digital Summer Camp (Shaping Kids Ready for Computer Programming) in partnership with Power Mac Center for students ages 7-12
COURSES: Module 1: Robotics Programming featuring Sphero; Module 2: From Character Design to Game Creation; Module 3: App Development for Kids; Module 4: Stop Motion Video Creation; and Module 5: Interactive eBooks Creation
SCHEDULE: March 14-18, 2016, 1-3pm
FEE: P5,000
CONTACT: GALILEO ENRICHMENT CENTER-DAVAO, 27-A Dacudao Avenue, D.C./Tel. 2210268; (0922)8501650



WHAT: Toddler’s Playgroup 1: Age: 2-2.5 yrs.old. Activities include Skills Readiness Play and Creative Arts
SCHEDULE: Batch 1: April 11-29; Batch 2: May 2-24
WHAT: Toddler’s Playgroup 2: Age: 2.6-3 yrs.old. Activities include Skills Building Play and Creative Arts
SCHEDULE: Batch 1: April 11-29; Batch 2: May 2-24
WHAT: Children’s Playgroup 1: Age: 3.1 - 4 yrs.old. Activities: Stories, Songs, Skills Development Play and Creative Arts
SCHEDULE: Batch 1: April 11-29; Batch 2: May 2-24
WHAT: Children’s Playgroup 2: Age: 4.1 – 5.9 yrs.old. Activities: Stories, Songs, Cooperative Play and Arts and Crafts
SCHEDULE: Batch 1: April 11-29; Batch 2: May 2-22
WHAT: Kid’s Crafts: Age: 6-8 yrs.old. Activities: Crafts Building Skill
SCHEDULE: Batch 1: April 11-29; Batch 2: May 2-22
CONTACT: BRIGHT SEEDS PRESCHOOL, Dona Vicenta Road, Dona Vicenta Village, D.C. (near Chowking, across Victoria Plaza); Tel. 3003286; (0917)5400988


WHAT: Galileo 2016 Summer Programs
COURSES: Math-Number Writing and Math Hacks for ages 3-12; English-Writing It Right and Read Think Wink for ages 3-12; Singapore Math-Math Attack for ages 6-12; Financial Literacy Program-Earn, Save, Spend, Donate and Invest for ages 7-12; Little Explorers Summer Learning Camp (Summer Zoofari Day Care Program-Discovering Plants and Animals) for ages 1.5-3 yrs. old
SCHEDULES AND FEES: Available upon request
CONTACT: GALILEO ENRICHMENT CENTER-DAVAO, 27-A Dacudao Avenue, D.C./Tel. 2210268; (0922)8501650


WHAT: Summer Enrichment Class for ages 2-5 years old
SCHEDULE: April 4- May 6, 2016; M-F/ 9-11 am
FEE: P6,000 inclusive of snacks and materials
CONTACT: ANGELS AT WORK, N. Torres cor. Vinzon Sts., Bo. Obrero, D.C./Tel. 2250208


WHAT: Kiddie Fun Time for 1.5-3 yrs. old. This program is designed to introduce children gradually to their first school experience. Warm and responsive teachers work with the children to facilitate their transition from home to school. Activities involve free play, music and movement, storytelling, arts and crafts, and outdoor play.
SCHEDULE: Batch 1: April 4-8; Batch 2: April 11-15; Batch 3: April 18-22; and Batch 4: April 25-29, 2016; 5 sessions (M-F, 9-11am)
FEE: P2,000 inclusive of snacks and materials
CONTACT: TENDER YEARS, #7 Gemini St., Dona Vicenta Vill., D.C./Tel. 2244884


WHAT: Reading and Writing Enhancement Program for 3-7 yrs. old. This program helps a child to read and write using more of one’s senses, including the use of touch and movement. This will give the child’s brain tactile and kinesthetic memories to hold on to, as well as visual and auditory ones.
SCHEDULE: Batch 1: April 4-15; Batch 2: April 18-29, 2016; 10 sessions (M-F, 9-10am)
FEE: P3,000
CONTACT: TENDER YEARS, #7 Gemini St., Dona Vicenta Vill., D.C./Tel. 2244884


WHAT: Handwriting Without Tears (one-on-one session)
DATE: April 18-May 20, 2016; 1 hour per session.
FEE:  Available upon request
WHAT: Multisensory Reading and Math
DATE/FEE/SKED: Available upon request
CONTACT:  CENTER FOR BRIGHTER BEGINNINGS, Road 7, Doña Vicenta Village, D.C./Tel. 2242188


WHAT: Summer Enrichment Classes offering: Elementary Mathematics, Elementary Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, Advanced Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Advanced Training for MTAP Quizzers
SCHEDULE: Enrolment starts on March 30-April 5 from 9am-1pm. Classes start on April 6 and will end on April 29, 2016. Grades 1-3 (8-10am, MTThF); Grades 4-6 (10-12pm, MTThF); and Grades 7-11 (130pm-330pm, MTThF)
FEE: P2,500. Enrolment is going on
CONTACT: RIGID MATH-CENTER FOR SINGAPOREAN MATHEMATICS, Alzate St., Obrero, D.C. Call Oscar Honorario at (0916)3534464/(0923)7384039



COURSE: Combat 360 Dojo JKA Karate/Mix Martial Arts for Kids and Adults
Come to their open house for free classes on March 30, 2016
SCHEDULE AND FEE: Available upon request
CONTACT: COMBAT 360 DOJO, NAV1 Building, 900 Vinzon St., Agdao, Davao City (near Assumption School, Cabaguio Avenue). E-mail:; Website:; Mobile: (0920)9728048   

WHAT: Pulumbarit Badminton Club Kids Summer Clinic
SCHEDULE: Batch 1: April 4-15; Batch 2: April 18-29; Batch 3: May 2-13; and Batch 4: May 16-27, 2016; 1:00-3:00 p.m. (M-F) 10-day session per batch
FEE: P1,500 inclusive of training fee, court fee, and souvenir PBC shirt
CONTACT: Coach Leo Pulumbarit (0925)5560120


WHAT: Swim and Survive
SCHEDULE: April 4-8; April 11-15; April 18-22; April 25-29; May 2-6, May 9-13, May 16-20, May 22-27, 2016; 1 course is 5 days, Mon-Fri; Max. of 2 hours per session
AGE GROUP: 5 to 8 yrs. old; 9 to 12 yrs. old; 13 yrs. old and up (adults included)
FEE: Available upon request
VENUE: South side-Skyline Poolside, Catalunan Grande; and North side-Mamay Resort, Mamay (Angliongto) Road, Lanang
CONTACTIPE ALINO, (09228186846)


WHAT: Basic Swimming Course
FEE: P3,500 (10 lessons)
COURSE: Advanced Swimming Course
FEE: P4,500 (10 lessons)
SCHEDULE: Kids-Mon. to Fri. 8-9am/3-4pm; 430-530pm; Adults-Mon. to Fri. 630am-7:30am/6-8pm.
CONTACTHOLIDAY GYM AND SPA, F. Torres St., DC/Tel. 2223041/2223594; (0929)7560559


WHAT : Taekwondo Summer Clinic under Ryan Cordero
SCHEDULE: Starts April 4, 2016. MWF, 1030am-12noon
FEE: P2,000 monthly fee
CONTACTHOLIDAY GYM AND SPA, F. Torres St., DC/Tel. 2223041/2223594; (0929)7560559


COURSE: Martial Arts for children
DATE: April 4-May 21, 2016
WHAT: Muay Thai for kids ages 4-8 yrs.old and teens
SCHEDULE: TThSun, 9am-1030am or 2pm-330pm
FEE: P2,900 reg. fee; P600 registration inclusive of uniform
WHAT: American Bushido for 9 yrs. old and above
SCHEDULE: WF, 530pm-7pm; Sat, 9am-1030am
FEE: P1,200 per month; P600 annual renewal fee
WHAT: Little Warrior for 4-8 yrs.old
SCHEDULE: Sat, 1030am-12nn
FEE: P1,500 monthly; P600 annual renewal fee
CONTACT: METRO LIFESTYLE, F. Torres St., D.C./Tel. 2286182


WHAT: Davao City Red Cross’ Learn to Swim Program for 5 yrs. old and above                                
COURSES: Water Introduction, Water Exploration, Primary Skills and Stroke Readiness
SCHEDULE: April 4, 2016 to June 3, 2016 /Mon-Fri/8-10am/3-5pm or 6-8pm (one course is 2 hours daily for 5 days)
VENUE:  La Piscine, Palm Village, Bo. Obrero, D.C./Garden Oases, Porras St., Bo. Obrero; Forest Hill Garden Resort, Balusong, Diversion Road; and Royal Mandaya Hotel, J.Palma Gil St., D.C.
FEE: P900 (exclusive of pool fee)
CONTACT: DAVAO CITY RED CROSS, M. Roxas Ave., D.C./Tel. 2276650/3211282


WHAT: Summer Learn to Swim Program for 6 years old and above                                 
SCHEDULE: Batch 1 - March 14-26; Batch 2 - March 28-April 8; Batch 3-April 11-April 22; Batch 4 - April 25-May 6; Batch 5-May 9- May 20; Batch 6- May 23-June 3, 2016 for basic lessons; 2pm-3pm and 3pm-4pm for advanced lessons
FEE: P3,500 (beginners); P3,700 (scientific); P3,900 (scientific competitive). Inclusive of 10 meetings; pool fee; and use of kickboard
VENUE: Brokenshire Resort, Madapo Hills, D.C.

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