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“Summer must-dos”
Sun.Star Davao, March 28, 2015

This year will definitely be a summer like no other for our family.

For the first time, my 13-year old daughter will be away from us for a two-month study tour overseas. Although we will surely miss her, I know that this trip will be a significant learning experience for her, just like when I joined a similar program when I was 14.

Summer is not just about chillaxin’ and lazing around. It’s also supposed to be a time for growing beyond classroom walls, acquiring new skills and making friends outside your usual circle.

This is the 8th year that I have been compiling the Kiddie Summer Workshops of Davao City. I hope you will have a blast checking out these summer must-dos for your kiddos!

Happy summer!          


WHAT: Art Program
COURSES OFFERED: Foundation, Basic, Intermediate Level (Oil Pastel and Color Pencil); Advanced Course--Drawing and Sketching; Illustration & Painting-Poster Color and Water Color; Painting (Poster Color and Water Color); Clay and Craft; Cartoon or Comic; Acrylic Painting; Glass Painting; and Junior Program for 3-4 yrs. old
SCHEDULE: Available all year round; Mon-Sat/9am-6pm/Number of lessons: (1 month-18 lessons; 3 months-24 lessons) 1hr/lesson
FEE: Available upon request. Free trial available
CONTACT: GLOBALART (DAVAO BRANCH), 301 E. Palma Gil St., Bo. Obrero, D.C. (inside Le Vivre Furniture Compound). Tel. 2219980; and 2nd floor La Cima Building (beside Water District), Matina, D.C., Tel. 2865399


WHAT: Pastel and Acrylic Painting Techniques with Manila artist Neil Javier
SCHEDULE: April 20-May 2, 2015; May 11-May 23, 2015/M-S/9am-12nn or 2-5pm
FEE: P4,200 inclusive of art materials
CONTACT: GENLUNA GALLERY, Davao Medical School Drive, Bajada, D.C./ Tel. 2262104; (0939)5978510

WHAT: Summer Art Class
SCHEDULE: Starts April 15 (10 sessions); MWF; 2-4pm with exhibit after 10 sessions
FEE: Available upon request
VENUE: Tulip Drive, Matina, Davao City


COURSE: Fashion Institute of Design and Arts’ (FIDA) Summer Workshop
WHAT:  The Sewing Club for Teens & Kids
SCHEDULE: 3 sessions, 2 hrs./class;  LEVEL 1 - basic class: Batch 1: April 13, 15, 17;
Batch 2: April 20, 22, 24; LEVEL 2 - intermediate class: May 5, 7 & 9; LEVEL 3 - advanced class: May 11, 13 & 15
NOTE: Please choose between the AM class 10am-12nn or the PM class 1pm-3pm.
FEE: P2,400 inclusive of sewing & multi-sized pattern.
WHAT:  Polymer Clay for Teens & Kids
SCHEDULE: April 11 Batch 1 9am-12nn; Batch 2 1pm-4pm; May 16 Batch 1 9am-12nn; Batch 2 1pm-4pm
NOTE: Pls. choose between our batch 1 & 2 schedule
FEE: P800 inclusive of a starter kit.
WHAT: Brush Lettering
SCHEDULE: April 18 Batch 1 9am-12nn; Batch 2 1pm-4pm; May 23 Batch 1 9am-12nn; Batch 2 1pm-4pm
NOTE: Pls. choose between our batch 1 & 2 schedule
FEE: P800 inclusive of materials.
WHAT: 3 Skirts in 1 day for Adults 
SCHEDULE: Batch 1 April 10 - 10am - 5pm; Batch 2 May 8   -  10am -5pm
FEE: P2,800 inclusive of sewing materials & patterns.
WHAT: Painting for Kids, Teens & Adults w/ complimentary drinks & appetizer snacks
SCHEDULE: Batch 1: April 17 3:30 - 5:30pm; Batch 2: May 8   3:30 - 5:30pm
FEE: P1,000 inclusive of materials
WHAT: Basic Hair & Makeup Workshop
SCHEDULE: Batch 2: March 24 – 27, 10am -5pm; Batch 3: May 5-8, 10am-5pm
FEE: P8,000 inclusive of a certificate, a module on basic hair & makeup & a photoshoot on the 4th day for your portfolio.
CONTACT:  FASHION INSTITUTE OF DESIGN AND ARTS (FIDA), Patio Valencia Compound, Jacinto Ext., D.C./Tel. 2853404/(0922)8119696


WHAT: Recycled Arts and Crafts Workshop
SCHEDULE: April 14-May 23, 2015 (12 sessions); TThS, 930am-1130am
FEE: P2,800 plus culmination fee of P1,000 (inclusive of workshop shirt, certificate and art show); Culmination Day: May 23, 2015 (Sat) at SM Ecoland Annex
CONTACT:  ROYECA SCHOOL OF BALLET, Valencia Compound, Jacinto Ext., Arellano, D.C./Tel. No. 227-4228



COURSE: Movin'and Groovin’ for 2 to 3 years old (Storytelling, Fingerplays, Arts and Crafts, Singing and Dancing)
SCHEDULE: Theme: On the Go (April 15 to May 15); M-F/9-11am
FEE:P5,000/month; P3,000/2 weeks
COURSE: Fun Time for 4-5 yrs. old (Cooking, Reading, Writing, Arts and Crafts and Dramatic Play)
SCHEDULE: Theme: Story Time (April 15 to May 15); M-F/9-11am
FEE:P5,500/month; P3,000/2 weeks
CONTACT: DAVAO BRIDGE AND PLAY EDUCARE CENTER, Orchid St., Juna Subd., Matina,D.C/2992569/(Sun) 09228470859


WHAT: Artistic Fun Summer 2015
COURSE: Music Lessons (One-on-One Teaching: Piano, Keyboard, Voice, Violin, Drums, Acoustic/Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Flute, Clarinet and Saxophone)
FEE: Available upon request
COURSE:  Drawing and Painting Workshop
SCHEDULE: Batch 1 (April 13-25) Beginner's Class 9:00-10:30am, Advanced Class 10:30am-12:00nn, Daily (Monday- Saturday). Batch 2 (April 27- May 9).
FEE: Available upon request
CONTACT: JHINE’S MUSIC AND ART CENTER PHILS., Door 7, Peter Carriedo Bldg. J.P. Laurel Avenue, Bajada Davao City/Tel. 2732258(Bajada)/09176487788; 09164488888


COURSE: Various Summer Programs for Kids
*Sunny Skies Summer Adventure from April 13- May 13; Daily Class
*Toddlers Exploration; 1.5-2yo
*Fun Phonics; 2.1-3yo
*Green Caterpillar Readers (based on reading level)
*Rainbow Butterfly Readers  (based on reading level)
*Sunny Bunny Math; 3- 4.11yo
*Math-Action; 5-7yo
*Adventures and Inventions; 5-7yo
*Sparkle Lab; 5-7yo
*Viola Violin; 5-8yo
*Dance Fusion; 4-7yo
*Aikido Jujitsu Martial Arts; 4-8yo
*Art Attack; 5-7yo
*Babies Class: May 4- June 4, 2015, TTH classes
*Smart Cubs: 6 months to walking
*PlayPhonics; Walking to 2s
CONTACT: STOCKBRIDGE AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL (formerly TUMBLE TOTS), Araullo-Mabini Sts., D.C./Tel.2251857 or 09222501492; E-mail:


WHAT:  Music Theatre:  A program integrating one-on-one voice lessons, group voice classes and theatre workshops for both grade school and high school students 
SCHEDULE: 18 sessions
FEE: P7,500
WHAT:  Private Voice:  Go one-on-one with a vocal coach for an intensive and more focused training
SCHEDULE: 12 sessions
FEE: P5,800
WHAT:  Private Piano Or Guitar:  Go one-on-one with a piano or guitar instructors SCHEDULE: 12 sessions
FEE: P5,800
WHAT:  Musikids for kids ages 2.5-5 yrs. old
SCHEDULE: 12 sessions 2x a week (Mon.-Thurs.)
FEE: P4,900
CONTACT: MUSIKADEMY, 209 McArthur's POD, McArthur Highway, Matina, Davao City./Tel.297-4542 



COURSE: Various Summer Programs for Kids, Teens and Adults
- Teens Poise, Personality Development and Modeling (8 years old and above)
- Powerful Speech for Elementary, High School, College and Professionals
- Theater Arts (acting, singing and dancing)
SCHEDULE: Classes start on April 13, 2015
CONTACT: JOJI ILAGAN CAREER CENTER FOUNDATION, INC. , Gov. Chavez Street; Tel: 2275602; 0917 577 7336;

WHAT: Personality Development with Fashion Modelling
SCHEDULE: April 14-May 23 (12 sessions) Tuesdays and Thursdays; Kids’ Class: 130-230pm; Teens’ Class: 3-430pm
FEE: P2,800 plus culmination fee of P1,000 (inclusive of workshop shirt, fashion modeling show and certificate
CULMINATION DAY: May 23, 2015 (Sat) at SM Ecoland Annex Building
CONTACT:  ROYECA SCHOOL OF BALLET, Valencia Compound, Jacinto Ext., Arellano, D.C./Tel. No. 227-4228


WHAT: Communication Empowerment Workshop (You will learn everyday conversation fluency and strategies, active listening, critical thinking and basic public speaking. This course helps you defend your self-esteem, shape how you think and speak to others
COURSE DETAILS: 20-hour Beginners’ Class; open for ages 13-16 yrs. old (high school)
SCHEDULE: Starts on April 15; Wednesday and Friday; 930am-1130am
CULMINATION DAY: May 23, 2015 (Sat) at SM Ecoland Annex Building
FEE: Investment Fee: P2,800 plus culmination fee P1,000 inclusive of workshop shirt and certificate
COURSE DETAILS: 20-hour Intermediate Class for Local and Foreign College Students and Young Professionals
SCHEDULE: Starts on April 15; Wednesday and Friday; Presentation Day: May 17, 2015 (Sunday) at Happy Cakes Café (beside Kopi Roti, Jacinto Extension)
FEE: Investment Fee: P3,800 plus Final Presentation Fee P350 (at coffee shop with special guests) inclusive of workshop certificate, venue, food and beverage
Also offers Individual Session Customized Program and Private Corporate Workshop in Bulk Rate minimum of 20 pax
CONTACT:  ROYECA SCHOOL OF BALLET, Valencia Compound, Jacinto Ext., Arellano, D.C./Tel. No. 227-4228


WHAT: Personality Empowerment for ages 11 to 16
SCHEDULE: April 14 - May 14; Tuesday & Thursday 1-5pm
- includes modelling, styling, basic makeup, public speaking, emceeing, acting, campus leadership training.
FEE: P8,000 inclusive of a recital fee, music video & a pictorial.
NOTE: All fees are non-refundable, non-transferable. To reserve you only need to pay 50% of the fee.
CONTACT:  FASHION INSTITUTE OF DESIGN AND ARTS (FIDA), Patio Valencia Compound, Jacinto Ext., D.C./Tel. 2853404/(0922)8119696


WHAT: YOUnique Beauty Bonding and Make-Up Workshop
SCHEDULE: Mother and Daughter Bonding (April 6 and May 4); BFF Bonding (April 8 and May 4); Modern Moms and Young Professionals (April 10 and May 8); 6-hour session with minimum of 8 to 10 per class; Participants shall bring their own make-up products and tools.
FEE: Investment Fee: P1,000 inclusive of certificate
CONTACT:  ROYECA SCHOOL OF BALLET, Valencia Compound, Jacinto Ext., Arellano, D.C./Tel. No. 227-4228


COURSE: Culinary Summer Program for Kids, Teens and Adults
WHAT: Young Executive Chef: (10 sessions; 3 hours/session; MWF); Junior Chef De Patisserie: (10 sessions; 3 hours/session; MWF); Junior Chef De Cuisine: (5 sessions; 3 hours/session; 1 week)
SCHEDULE: Classes start on April 13, 2015
WHAT: Basic Pastry: (8 sessions; 9am-12nn; every Saturday); Basic Culinary
(8 sessions; 9am-12nn; every Saturday)
SCHEDULE: Classes start on April 11, 2015


COURSE: Summer Cooking and Baking Workshop for Kids & Teens
SCHEDULE: April 29 & 30, 2015 (Wednesday & Thursday) 8:00am - 12:00noon
 FEE: P2,000.00 inclusive of all ingredients, use of tools and equipment, and certificate CONTACT: GOURMET BITES, Ilustre St. (Across Limso Hospital), D.C. Call 2957178 or Text 09088933498

WHAT: Baby Cakes’ 8th Summer Baking Workshop for kids 6-14 yrs. old
SCHEDULE: Batch 1: April 6-18 (MWF or TThS, 2-4pm); Batch 2: April 27 to May 8 (MWF only, 2-4pm); Batch 3: May 11-May 23 (MWF or TThS, 2-4pm)
FEE: P4,000 for 6 sessions, inclusive of  ingredients, recipes, apron and baking kit (Classes are limited to 8 kids only)
CONTACT: BABY CAKES, Values School Bldg., Marfori Heights Subd./(0925)7002860



WHAT:  Hip Hop Summer Clinic with Bryan Grandeza for ages 3-7 yrs. old
SCHEDULEApril 8-May 8, 2015; MWF/830-930am
FEE: P2,500 (12 sessions)
VENUE: ANGELS AT WORK, N. Torres cor. Vinzon Sts., Bo. Obrero, D.C./Tel. 2250208


WHAT:  LCB Summer Dance Workshop 2015 with culminating recital on May 17 (3pm & 7pm)
SCHEDULE: April 6-May 17, 2015
COURSES OFFERED: For kids and teens-ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, acting and voice; For adults-belly dancing, advanced and beginners’ jazz, advanced and beginner’s tap
FEES: P4,500 for one dance. P7,500 if with acting and voice. No recital fee but students are given allocation of 20 tickets each for matinee and gala recital show (considered sold) worth P3,000.
ALSO OFFERS: Karate (5 yrs. old & above); Kickboxing, Body Conditioning and Brazilian Jujitsu (8 yrs. old & above)
FEE: P4,000 for the summer
CONTACT: LCB PERFORMING ARTS CENTER FOUNDATION, INC.,    48 Villamor St., Bo. Obrero,  D.C./Tel.2225205


WHAT:  Classical Ballet Summer Workshop 2015; open for ages 3 yrs. and above for Baby Class, Beginner 1 and 2 and Advanced Class
DATE: April 6 - May 16, 2015 with Recital Day at the CAP Grand Auditorium on May 16
RECITAL FEE: P3,800 inclusive of costume and recital tickets
CONTACT:  ROYECA SCHOOL OF BALLET, Valencia Compound, Jacinto Ext., Arellano, D.C./Tel. No. 227-4228

WHAT:  Ballet class under the tutelage of Irma Bringas-Aguado following the principles of Royal Academy of Dance
DATE: April 7-May 21, 2015
SCHEDULE: Available upon request
FEE: P5,000 (2x a week; 13 classes); Modern Ballet, P2,000 once a week, 6 classes
CONTACTHOLIDAY GYM AND SPA, F. Torres St., DC/Tel. 2223041; Irma Aguado, Tel. 3056342 and cell. No. (0917)7189488

WHAT:  Hip Hop Summer Clinic with Bryan Grandeza
SCHEDULE: April 8-May 8, 2015; 12 yrs.old and below: WF 10am-1130am; 13 yrs.old and above (Boys) WF 1-230pm; and 13 yrs.old and above (Girls) WF 230-4pm
FEE: Available upon request
CONTACTHOLIDAY GYM AND SPA, F. Torres St., DC/Tel. 2223041


WHAT: I-Sayaw’s Ballet class for 3 yrs.old to teen/adult beginners/advanced level/fitness ballet
SCHEDULE: Babies Ballet 1-3-6 yrs.old (WF, 4:00-5:00pm); Babies Ballet 2 - 3-6 yrs.old (MTH, 5:00-6:00pm); Intermediate Ballet 7-12 yrs.old (TWF, 4:00 - 6:00 pm); Fitness Ballet ,Teen/Adult Beginners (WS, 10:00-11:00 am); and Advanced Level (MTHF, 6:00-8:00 pm)
FEE: Available upon request
VENUE: I-SAYAW DANCE CENTER, Unit 207 McPod Bldg. (Beside Ateneo High School, fronting MTS), McArthur Highway, D.C.


WHAT: Hiphop Dance
DATE: April 13-May 15, 2015; MF; 530pm-7pm
FEE: P2,500
WHAT: Belly Dance
DATE: April 13-May 15, 2015; MW; 10am-12nn
FEE: P2,500
WHAT: Ballet Dance
DATE: April 13-May 15, 2015; TTh; 10am-12nn
FEE: P2,500
WHAT: Yoga for 5-12 years old
DATE: Saturdays (Time available upon request)
FEE: P500 per hour
CONTACT: METRO LIFESTYLE, F. Torres St., DC/Tel. 2286182


COURSE: Spotlight Workshops at Zoofari Kids Adventure open to kids aged 5-11
WHAT: Artista Workshop
DATE: April 13-May 1, MWF, 1-4pm
FEE: Available upon request
WHAT: Modern Dance Workshop
DATE: April 14-May 14, 2015; TTh; 2-5pm
FEE: Available upon request
*Open to kids aged 5-11; includes free play, free snacks and free t-shirt
CONTACT: Jo-Ann Fandino, (0922)8384981. For more details,



WHAT: Basic Computer Courses for Kids and Teachers
COURSE: CYBER WIZARD (Programming HTML & CSS) for 24 hours
FEE: P5,200 (course fee and registration)
COURSE: MULTIMEDIA WIZARD I (Photoshop & Proshow) for 20 hours
FEE: P5,200 (course fee and registration)
COURSE: MULTIMEDIA WIZARD II (Photoshop & Video Editing) for 20 hrs.
FEE: P5,200 (course fee and registration)
COURSE: ANIMATION WIZARD (Swishmax) for 20 hrs.
FEE: P5,200 (course fee and registration)
COURSE: GRAPHICS WIZARD (Photoshop & Illustrator) for 20 hrs.
FEE: P5,200 (course fee and registration)
COURSE: MS APPs WIZARD (Windows/Word/Excel/Powerpoint/Internet) for 20 hrs.
FEE: P5,200 (course fee and registration)
CONTACT: DELTYX TECHNOLOGIES INC. (former franchise of GENETIC COMPUTER INSTITUTE, 2nd floor, KS Bldg., Sta. Ana Ave., D.C. (Beside Davao Central High School), Tel. 2244643; 3214427.


WHAT: Digital Summer Camp (Computer Programming for Kids) in partnership with Power Mac Center for students ages 7-12
COURSES: Module 1: Sketchbook (Mac); Module 2: iMovie (Mac); Module 3: iBooks Author (Mac and iPad); Module 4: Stencyl (Mac); and Module 5: Toon Boom (Mac)
SCHEDULE AND FEE: Available upon request
CONTACT: GALILEO ENRICHMENT CENTER-DAVAO, 27-A Dacudao Avenue, D.C./Tel. 2210268; (0922)8501650



WHAT: Summer Enrichment Class for ages 2-5 years old
SCHEDULE: April 13- May 15; M-F/ 9-11 am
FEE: P6,000 inclusive of snacks and materials
CONTACT: ANGELS AT WORK, N. Torres cor. Vinzon Sts., Bo. Obrero, D.C./Tel. 2250208

WHAT: AWESOME KIDS FEST--Laugh, Lead, Live "I am a Child, I am a Leader" ages 4-12 y.o.
Kids will experience how awesome they are while frolicking with other children. They will discover the leader in them while nurturing their creativity, integrity, responsibility and compassion through fun, dynamic and exciting activities.
SCHEDULE: May 9 & 10; 9:00-5:00pm
CONTACT: Bee Juson (09255587233; 09177042423); Val Domingo (09228343765); and Nitta Mendoza (09228730526)


WHAT: Kiddie Fun Time for 1.5-3 yrs. old
SCHEDULE: April 13-17; April 20-24; April 27-May 1; May 4-May 8/10am-12nn
FEE: P1,950 per batch (inclusive of materials)
WHAT: Multi-Sensory Reading for 3.5-7 yrs. old
SCHEDULE: April 13-28 (12 sessions, Mon-Fri)/10am-12nn
FEE: P3,900 per batch (inclusive of materials); 2 hours-P500/session
WHAT: Multi-Sensory Math for 3.5-6 yrs.old
SCHEDULE: April 7-25 (12 sessions)/10am-12nn/M-F
FEE: P3,700 per batch
CONTACT: TENDER YEARS, #7 Gemini St., Dona Vicenta Vill., D.C./Tel. 2244884


WHAT: Handwriting Without Tears (one-on-one session)
DATE: April 13-May 15, 2015; 1 hour per session.
FEE:  Available upon request
WHAT: Multisensory Reading and Math
DATE/FEE/SKED: Available upon request
CONTACT:  CENTER FOR BRIGHTER BEGINNINGS, Road 7, Doña Vicenta Village, D.C./Tel. 2242188


WHAT: Toddler’s Playgroup 1: Age: 2-2.5 yrs.old. Activities include Skills Readiness Play and Creative Arts
SCHEDULE: Batch 1: April 13-30 (MWF;1030am-12nn); Batch 2: May 4-22 (MWF; 1030am-12nn).
WHAT: Toddler’s Playgroup 2: Age: 2.6-3 yrs.old. Activities include Skills Building Play and Creative Arts
SCHEDULE: Batch 1: April 13-30 (MWF;1030am-12nn); Batch 2: May 4-22 (MWF; 1030am-12nn).
WHAT: Children’s Playgroup 1: Age: 3.1 - 4 yrs.old. Activities: Stories, Songs, Skills Development Play and Creative Arts
SCHEDULE: Batch 1: April 13-30 (Daily;9am-1030am); Batch 2: May 5-22 (Daily; 9am-1030am).
WHAT: Children’s Playgroup 2: Age: 4.1 – 5.9 yrs.old. Activities: Stories, Songs, Cooperative Play and Arts and Crafts
SCHEDULE: Batch 1: April 13-30 (Daily;2pm-330pm); Batch 2: May 5-22 (Daily; 2pm-330pm).
FEE: P3,980 (inclusive of materials)
CONTACT: BRIGHT SEEDS PRESCHOOL, Dona Vicenta Road, Dona Vicenta Village, D.C. (near Chowking, across Victoria Plaza); Tel. 3003286; (0917)5400988


WHAT: Math Enrichment Program for Elementary Mathematics, Elementary Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, Advanced Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, HS Calculus, Intensive Math Review for ADMU, La Salle, UPCAT, Math Review for Incoming College Students, and Advanced Training for MTAP Quizzers
SCHEDULE: April 3-May 4, 2015; Grades 1-3 (8-10am, MWF); Grades 4-6 (8-10am, TThS); Grades 7-8 (10am-12nn, MWF); and Grade 9 and Grade 10 (10am-12nn, TThS)
FEE: P2,500
CONTACT: RIGID MATH-CENTER FOR SINGAPOREAN MATHEMATICS, Alzate St., Obrero, D.C. Call Oscar Honorario at (0916)3534464/(0923)7384039



WHAT : Kids Summer Badminton Clinic
SCHEDULE: Batch 1: April 6-17; Batch 2: April 20-May 1; Batch 3: May 4-May 15; 1-3pm (M-F) 10-day session per batch
FEE: P1,500 inclusive of training fee, court fee, souvenir PBC shirt, new friends and lots of fun
CONTACT: Coach Leo Pulambarit (0925)5560120

WHAT: Swim and Survive
SCHEDULE: April to May 2015; 1 course if 5 days, Mon-Fri; Max. of 2 hours per session
AGE GROUP: 5-8 yrs.old; 9-12 yrs.old; 13 yrs.old and up
FEE: Available upon request
VENUE: South side-Skyline Poolside, Catalunan Grande; and North side-Chateau del Mar, Lizada Drive, Lanang
CONTACTIPE ALINO, (09228186846)


WHAT: Basic Swimming Course
FEE: P3,500 (10 lessons)
COURSE: Advanced Swimming Course
FEE: P4,500 (10 lessons)
SCHEDULE: Kids-Mon. to Fri. 8-9am/3-4pm; 430-530pm; Adults-Mon. to Fri. 7-8am/6-8pm.
CONTACTHOLIDAY GYM AND SPA, F. Torres St., DC/Tel. 2223041


WHAT : Taekwondo Summer Clinic under Ryan Cordero
SCHEDULE: April 7-30 (8 sessions); May 5-28 (8 sessions); TTh, 130-3pm
Fridays (630-9pm)/Saturdays (630-9pm)/Sundays (230-5pm)
FEE: P1,000 monthly fee
CONTACTHOLIDAY GYM AND SPA, F. Torres St., DC/Tel. 2223041


WHAT: Basketball Summer Clinic under Coach JP Pacheco Power Hoops for kids ages 6-21 yrs.old (minimum of 10 persons per class to proceed)
SCHEDULE: April 20 –30 (M-F, 130-430pm, 9 sessions); May 4-14 (M-F, 830-1130am, 9 sessions)
FEE: P2,000 reg. fee per batch
CONTACTHOLIDAY GYM AND SPA, F. Torres St., DC/Tel. 2223041


COURSE: Martial Arts for children
WHAT: Muay Thai
SCHEDULE: April 16-May 23, 2015; MWF 10am-11am
FEE: P3,500
WHAT: American Bushido for 9 yrs. old and above
SCHEDULE: April 16-May 23; 1030am-1145am
FEE: P3,500
WHAT: Little Warrior for 4-8 yrs.old
SCHEDULE: April 16-May 23; TThS; 1030am-1145am
FEE: P5,800
CONTACT: METRO LIFESTYLE, F. Torres St., DC/Tel. 2286182


WHAT: Davao City Red Cross’ Learn to Swim Program for 5 yrs. old and above                                
COURSES: Water Introduction, Water Exploration, Primary Skills and Stroke Readiness
SCHEDULE: April 13 to last week of May /Mon-Fri/8-10am/3-5pm or 6-8pm (one course is 2 hours daily for 5 days (Monday-Friday); 8-10am, 3-5pm or 6-8pm
VENUE: Swimzone, 1st Street Guadalupe Village, Lanang, D.C.; La Piscine, Palm Village, Bo. Obrero, D.C./Garden Oases, Porras St., Bo. Obrero; Forest Hill Garden Resort, Balusong, Diversion Road; and Royal Mandaya Hotel, J.Palma Gil St., D.C.
FEE: P750 (exclusive of pool fee)
CONTACT: DAVAO CITY RED CROSS/Tel. 2276650/3211282


WHAT: Summer Learn to Swim Program for 6 years old and above                                 
SCHEDULE: Batch 2: March 30-April 10/Batch 3: April 13-24/Batch 4: April 27-May 8/Batch 5: May 11-22; 730am-830am and 830am-930am for basic lessons; 2pm-3pm and 3pm-4pm for advanced lessons
FEE: P3,500 (beginners); P3,700 (scientific); P3,900 (scientific competitive). Inclusive of 10 meetings; pool fee; and use of kickboard
VENUE: Brokenshire Resort, Madapo Hills, D.C.

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Saturday, March 14, 2015


“Musikgarten Manila opens in Davao”
Sun.Star Davao, March 14, 2015
Musikgarten, under its local brand name, Musikgarten Manila, recently launched its first branch in Mindanao and the sixth in the country.

Located at the 2nd level of the SM Lanang Premiere-Davao, Musikgarten is a leading early childhood development program which started in the U.S. It is touted to be the preferred music program of its kind in over 20 countries.

Michelle Nikki Junia, a music scholar and cum laude graduate of the University of Sto. Tomas Conservatory of Music, was the one who brought Musikgarten to the Philippines. She was trained in the U.S. on music-based child education.

Junia, who is the the director and owner of Musikgarten Manila, is also the only Filipino trained by Seth Riggs, the world-renowned vocal coach to iconic artists like Michael Jackson, Barbra Streisand, Josh Groban, Natalie Cole and Kelly Clarkson.

“Musikgarten Manila is a music school that has a unique, non-traditional approach to learning music for all ages. It aims to make music an anchor in child development and the bonding of the family”, explains Junia.

She says that Musikgarten offers “a comprehensive program that spans the first six years of a child’s musical and brain development. The music program was designed by experts and specialists on neuroscience, child psychology, and music therapy, early childhood educators and pediatricians”. 

Junia believes that Musikgarten’s advantage is its teaching force. “I personally train them on the Musikgarten program and on handling individual lessons in terms of technique,” she notes.
Musikgarten Manila prides itself in using educational tools and toys that are child-safe and environmentally friendly. It is also the exclusive distributor of music-based educational instruments.

The Lanang branch will offer regular group classes for infants to 5 years old, music-based learning programs for groups and individuals, a musical playhouse, and a band rehearsal studio with recording facilities.
For more information, call 0998-539-1958 or check out musicgartenmla on FB, Twitter and Instagram. You may also visit Musikgarten Manila at the 2nd Level beside SM Bowling Center at SM Lanang Premier.
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Saturday, February 28, 2015


“4 decades of DATA
Sun.Star Davao, Feb. 28, 2015

Back in the mid-90s to early 2000, I had the privilege of expressing my deep love for Davao through my work at the Davao City Tourism Office.

I was in my early 20s then, passionate and eager to do my personal share in promoting Davao to the Philippines and the world.  One of the best times I’ve definitely had during this ‘season’ in my life was the unforgettable chance to collaborate with the private sector, particularly, the vibrant Davao Tourism Association (DATA).

DATA recently celebrated its 40th or Ruby Year Anniversary at The Marco Polo Grand Ballroom. 

Looking at the program’s list of past presidents, I felt honored to have worked with the likes of industry leaders Mary Ann ‘Baby’ Montemayor, Margarita ‘Margie’ Moran-Floirendo, George Walter Misa, and Art Boncato through my involvement with DATA as well as Women in Travel, SKAL Davao, among others.

Art Boncato, who now serves as the Assistant Secretary of the Department of Tourism, shares the story of how DATA came to be. “In the 70s, Davao tourism private sector leaders organized DATA with four gentlemen taking the cudgels of nurturing an infant organization”, says Asec. Art.

DATA’s first president was travel trade player Ricardo Acuña followed by historian and restaurateur Rogelio Lizada, Philippine Airlines executive Napoleon Doctor, and hotelier Ding Diaz.

“With their pioneering vision for tourism, DATA has counted years of strengthening the tourism industry in the city. DATA’s landmark projects and achievements include the hosting of an annual cultural gathering in the 70s that is considered the mother of the Apo Duwaling Festival (Mt. Apo, durian, waling-waling) and now the successful Kadayawan Festival; several prestigious Kalakbay Awards for Best Association from the Department of Tourism (DOT); and Hall of Fame Award for Best Pavilion from the DOT and Philippine Tour Operators Association (PHILTOA) at the Philippine Travel Mart (PTM)”, says Asec. Art.

He continues that the “game-changing Mindanao Culinary Festival (MCF); the trailblazing Php 7 million GATT Tourism Skills Training Program; Balik Davao blitzes in the US; the first of its kind eco-adventure travel trade show dubbed as 90s ‘Go! Mindanao Travel and Tour Expo’; recent MICE bids on MICE Conference 2013 (won); Philippine Advertising Congress (won but the event was cancelled); APEC 2015 (shortlisted), among others” were also among the many contributions of DATA to the tourism industry.

As DATA’s momentous Ruby Year was held on Chinese New Year, guests as well as past and present officers were encouraged to wear the auspicious color red.

The indefatigable Baby Montemayor, Chairman of the 4 Decades of DATA Steering Committee, eloquently delivered the welcome remarks. She highlighted the importance of DATA’s role in steering the Davao tourism industry to what it is today. “And, now the city is reaping the benefits”, she enthused.

After dinner, city, regional and national tourism updates were given respectively by the Davao City Tourism Operations Officer Lisette Marques; Department of Tourism Region XI director Robby Alabado; and DOT Assistant Secretary Art Boncato.

In addition, art pieces from Davao artist Vic Secuya’s Cross Series were presented to 16 (4 of which were posthumous) past DATA presidents, namely: Ricardo Acuña, Rogelio Lizada, Napoleon Doctor, Ding Diaz, Mariano Pamintuan, Claude Le Neindre, George Walter Misa, Efren Veneracion, Joji Ilagan Bian, Rudolf Lopez, Mary Ann Montemayor, Margarita Floirendo, George Walter Misa, Arturo Boncato (who was DATA president twice), Paul Borromeo, Angel Puentespina, Gene Bangayan and current president Salome San Jose.

Event sponsor Marco Polo Davao’s Francis Ledesma and DATA logo creator Lou Almendras were likewise honored with Secuya’s exquisite artwork.

Kudos to the 4 Decades of DATA Steering Committee, chair Baby Montemayor, co-chair Gene Bangayan, program head Paul Borromeo, solicitations/finance head Alexander Divinagracia, food and physical arrangement head Baby Montemayor and Lena Benedicto, awards/AVP head DOT through the Office of Asec. Art Boncato and secretariat Konkordans, Inc., for a well-attended and fun affair!

I shall forever be grateful to my loving mommy mentors during my tourism days, especially Tita Baby Montemayor, Ninang Gene Bangayan and former DOT Region XI director Kiling Dakudao, who have inspired me to work with grace even under pressure. It was truly wonderful to reconnect with the other DATA officers who I haven’t seen in years during their recent Ruby Anniversary!

My sincerest thanks to Paul Borromeo for the event photos.

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